Feldenkrais Archives

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons recorded over the last ten years. Movement is the grease that makes you live more fully in your body; awareness is the key to learning from it...Awareness Through Movement lessons are affectionately known as "ATM". The following is just a small example of many older recordings in the archives recorded over the years since 2004.

Introduction to Better Balance

Ageing does not have to be a wild ride into the unknown without any sense of comfort or safety. Learn simple movement sequences you can do to remain simultaneously more flexible and stable than others younger than you are. Listen to this short discussion of how it works by clicking on the arrow below...


Better Balance ATM 101

This Awareness Through Movement lesson is a Feldenrkais Movement Lesson for Better Balance

Increase your sensitivity. As we age, we grown numb, loosing proprioceptive faculties, but this can be alleviated by practicing Awareness Through Movement, which reawakens ability previously taken for granted. Living with better balance is not just safer, it's more rewarding...Listen online by clicking on the arrow below...

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Core Breath I

This ATM is a breathing lesson that will open your ribs, your lungs, your spine and oxygenate your system for life!

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