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  • Your LIfe Matters - Learning Resources 235 Main St. Jacksonville USA (map)

A story is like a Russian Doll with smaller stories nestled within each chapter: if these subtle storylines are not present, it’s perhaps a fairytale or a myth. Yet, even the epic mythical tales of Homer have subsets of story nestled within a larger story arc. In a short story, as in the chapter of a novel, a scene begins and ends when some aspect of the cast of characters is either diminished or augmented. Yet, the chapters must give relatively equal weight and length to each perspective they provide. To select what to include and what to leave out is the challenge of every beginning novelist, and often beginners actually spell out too much, when to allow developments to unfold entices the reader more thoroughly. The complete freedom of fiction can be overwhelming. Join us for a closer look at how to use these elements, with awareness of their potential impact. Learn to use them to provide a sort of compression chamber that has the potential power to make the story take off, like rockets in the sky. In this workshop, we focus learning to look at scenes versus chapters, to see what they say back to you. A complete chapter or story is not the answer to a problem but does require some inevitable resolution. How does this apply to your work in progress?

Develop a reliable, steady connection with inspiration by adding a practice of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement to your writing routine. 

Calm the body, and you free the mind. Learn how to access a deeper place to write from while at the same time addressing aspects of the Craft of Writing Fiction.

Purchase Early Bird Tickets: $15 Tickets: $30 at the door - For last minute tickets at the door, please RSVP via text to (541) 777-0124 beforehand to make sure there is space in the room. Your LIfe Matters, Sat., May 4, 2019, 2-5 pm 235 W. Main St. Jacksonville, Oregon


Later Event: May 14
Open House