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Awareness Through Movement® Class - Weekly Jan-June 2019

  • Your Life Matters - Learning Resources 235 W Main St Jacksonville, Oregon United States (map)

April Theme: Unwind RELAX, Find the Full Mobility of Your Spine As You Unwind

Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais Class
In an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson, the teacher verbally guides the class through a sequence of movements. As you learn this new approach to navigating the field of gravity with less effort, you will find your quality of life begin to dramatically improve. As you refine your body awareness, the simplest tasks eventually become richer. Relaxation becomes much more accessible. You may even find your agility improves spontaneously, without thought.

ATM is the class format of the Feldenkrais Method®. 
Feldenkrais® is based on the improvement of learning. Most people learn until adulthood and call it good, yet neuroscience has recently shown that we can learn indefinitely if we expose ourselves to the right stimulus. ATM is that stimulus. It continues the education begun by every one of us as an infant. It teaches you to optimize your learning on a neurological level. Movement is the medium. In fact, it’s one of the best moves you’ll ever make towards improving your quality of life.

Unlike strengthening and stretching exercises, or notions of "correct posture," ATM refines your mindfulness in ways that reach into all aspects of human experience. The process teaches you to go gently with yourself in ways that enhance your kinesthetic intelligence, so that you begin to eliminate unnecessary strain and effort. The process is gentle, safe, and gives you a system for working with yourself, because, ultimately, you have to figure out how to cope with life on your own terms. This includes improved ability to prevent and cope with injuries, with any dramatic life changes and with aging. ATM allows you to move through life’s changes with a sense of being grounded in your body’s innate intelligence. The confidence you then gain is born of trusting your own nervous system which is designed to keep you safe, responsive and able to adapt to just about anything. Make your body, your friend. Make gravity a stabilizing force rather than an adversary. Discover how to refine your awareness to augment your learning, for the rest of your life! 

Awareness Through Movement® with Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP

Improving Mobility Since 1997.

"One of the Best Moves you’ll ever make towards

Improving Your Quality of Life."

Wednesdays 10-11:30 am

at Your Life Matters - Learning Resources

235 W Main St., Jacksonville, OR.

541 777-0124

Discover A Self-Image of Possibility

First Class Free. $15/Drop-in. $50/month.


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