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The Feldenkrais Creativity Workshop for Writers TOPIC #1: Process

  • The Feldenkrais Studio 235 W. Main St. Jacksonville OR 97530 United States (map)

A Workshop Especially for Writers: A NEW WAY TO tap into the Muse!

A new and innovative use of FELDENKRAIS takes advantage of additional benefits: the cultivation of calm, focus and inspiration! This workshop makes use of the class format of FELDENKRAIS, known as AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT to give you the power invoke the Muse spontaneously. You know what you want to write about, you just need a method to intentionally tap into your best frame of mind for writing.

Discover how: join us in Jacksonville, Oregon at The Creativity Workshop for Writings, Sat., January 26th, 2:00-5:00 pm.

Each of the four Creativity Workshops for Writers will happen on the 4th Saturday of the month: January/February/March/May (skipping April). Topics include Process (finding yours!), Means of Perception (to reach every reader), The Narrative Process (innate in how humans are wired), and The Principle of Selectivity (what to leave in, what to leave out!) To ready yourself for these workshops in advance, read The Craft of Writing, by William Sloane.

Learn to access a deeper place to write from while at the same time addressing aspects of the craft of writing fiction. 

Make it a Writer's Retreat: More on that to come!

The following brief radio interview on the Professional's Roundtable discusses how Gabrielle Pullen came to the use of the FELDENKRAIS Method to deliberately foster creativity…