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The Creativity Workshop

  • Jacksonville, OR 235 West Main Street Jacksonville, Oregon 97530 United States (map)

EVENT: Nov 10, 2018 2:30-4:30 PM Early Bird Tickets Now $15 Location: TBA Jacksonville, OR

Intentionally Cultivate Creativity

How can a workshop provide the right impetus for intentional creativity? Regardless of your field, regardless of your medium, creativity demands a space, an inner space of receptivity to inspiration. The muse is not embodied except in myth and story. You, however, are.

When you live in the workaday world of facing reality, of responsibility and distraction, the body tends to respond with tension, becoming tight and stressed. This is exactly the predicament that blocks creative output.

FELDENKRAIS is a Method that shows you how to move through the field of gravity in ways that use it to your advantage. This not only reduces wear and tear on joints, reducing pain; it also improves focus and learning. When you are comfortable in your body learning is easy, inspiration is spontaneous and creativity abounds.

It's just logical that in a world where information overload prevails and everyone seems to want something from you that there is a greater need to feel grounded, stable and focused. FELDENKRAIS gives you the tools to do that for yourself.

In this two hour workshop, experience how to create an ease in your body that leads to clarity of mind and spontaneous inspiration. Creativity is generative and with the tools you learn from the FELDENKRAIS Method, you can generate the right atmosphere for creativity in any medium. Our focus happens to be writing, but all creatives are welcome!

When you live in the world of responsibility, the body tends to respond with tension, becoming tight and stressed. This blocks creative output. The science behind the study of stress makes it clear that even the visual field is restricted. You cannot see as well because your peripheral vision is diminished as the fight or flight mode incites extreme single-mindedness of both vision and mental activity in the interest of survival. The basic physiology of stress proves that it takes much longer to eliminate because it is designed to override relaxation responses. Thus, if you have become bombarded with stressors, chances are you are tight, distracted and unable to be in the very receptive mode you crave to foster your writing, your painting or whatever your preferred expression of creativity might be.

The antidote for this quandary is clear: you have to spend time deprogramming the stress response until you feel that sense of ease and flow that is characteristic of being in the creative zone. You have to find a way to decompress, to let go, to allow, to feel ease and grace and joy. That then renders your body into a state of comfort and your mind into a state of spontaneous relief that sees the world anew. It’s a change in perspective that, ironically, renders your mental state into something much more akin to that of a child: accepting, playful, mischievous. This is the goal of beginner’s mind: to become childlike.

Thus, there is an aspect of meditation to this process of accessing creativity deliberately. But meditation is hard when the mind is awhirl with the cares of a planet gone haywire and a life that may require you to do some tasks you would rather not be doing just to make ends meet. Hence, the need for the support to find your way out of the jungle of demands that surround you and back into the more private sphere of the magical glade where the muse is just hanging out, waiting for you to get over yourself.

The journey back to the glade where the creative impulse spontaneously arises is a place of inner space. The medium for regenerating that inner spaciousness you came into this world with as a child is akin to meditation, but much easier, because it involves movement while lying down, so that it is less effort. It involves finding the places of comfort in your own body that invite you to breathe deeply as a result. It involves allow yourself to be guided into a state of calm, of comfort, of receptivity.

Think of intentional creativity as a form of listening. Think of the initial phase of this process as a way into that inner space of receptivity by first listening to the needs of your physical body and responding to them instead of ignoring them, the way you must in order to get things done. Allow yourself to be guided into the fulfillment of a sense of comfort, of appreciation for being in a physical body that has its own innate knowing of how to navigate in a world governed by the laws of physics, such that you don’t have to understand them. Allow yourself to be guided into getting out of your own way, so that your body can recognize and seek the path of least resistance in slow, gentle movements that release stress and tension gradually. It’s the cultivation of consciously finding ease. The mind, then, responds in kind and begins to spontaneously feel more spacious, more insightful, more inspired. That is exactly the atmosphere within that allows spontaneous creativity to emerge.


The medium for this transformative process that allows you to access your own creativity is the FELDENKRAIS© Method, which teaches you to release your own tension in readiness for the creative process. It empties the mind as it helps you rediscover the path of least resistance in your own mobility. The format of the workshop is an ebb and flow of warm up lessons in relaxing tension and mental worry, followed by journaling that gives you the opportunity to engage more deeply with your own fondest desires, creations and ideas.


EVENT: The Creativity Workshop Nov 10, 2018 2:30-4:30 PM Early Bird Tickets Now $15 

Location: TBA Jacksonville, Oregon

Organizer: Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP, a FELDENKRAIS practiontioner who happens to also be a writer working on a historical novel set in Scotland in 1590 about freedom, power and the human capacity for finding agency even in the most chaotic of times...

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