The Creativity Workshop
2:30 PM14:30

The Creativity Workshop

Intentionally Cultivate Creativity

How can a workshop provide the right impetus for intentional creativity? Regardless of your field, regardless of your medium, creativity demands a space, an inner space of receptivity to inspiration. The muse is not embodied except in myth and story. You, however, are.

When you live in the workaday world of facing reality, of responsibility and distraction, the body tends to respond with tension, becoming tight and stressed. This is exactly the predicament that blocks creative output. This workshop will give you the tools to move out of that state intentionally. Writers, artists and creatives in all mediums welcome.

It's just logical that in a world where information overload prevails and everyone seems to want something from you that there is a greater need to feel grounded, stable and focused. FELDENKRAIS gives you the tools to do that for yourself.

In this two hour workshop, experience how to create an ease in your body that leads to clarity of mind and spontaneous inspiration. Creativity is generative and with the tools you learn from the FELDENKRAIS Method, you can generate the right atmosphere for creativity in any medium. Our focus happens to be writing, but all creatives are welcome!

Location: Jacksonville, OR - Get Early Bird Pricing of $15 by clicking through title of Event for more!

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