The ABC's of Creativity!


A for Allowing myself the time to be creative!

B for the Bravery to follow my bliss and my truth!

C for the Calm that turns away from all drama!

D for Delight in cultivating my practice!

E for the Ease of allowing inspiration to flow!

F for Fun as I find fulfillment in doing work I love!

The muse is only embodied in myth and story, but you are embodied in the physical. What if you could unlock the places you block yourself? Imagine how you felt the last time you were completely at ease. When was that? Perhaps a memory of childhood comes easily to mind. Once when you knew that summer vacation was about to start. Remember that feeling of the expansion of time? Notice how, when you are at ease and relaxed or in eager anticipation of something good to come, your sense of time becomes different! You begin to feel time spaciousness. When you are relaxed about life, your peripheral vision improves. You get ideas spontaneously. You are tapped in, tuned in, turned onto your own muse, your own source of inspiration.

When I was teaching a lot of Yoga Nidra Meditation, we called it being tapped into your own inner wisdom. Yet, that's a bit too serious, because creativity flows better with playfulness, with the spirit of exploration. This is the essence of this methodology for accessing your muse: come and be guided in a way to release all tension in your physical body, let go of the cares of life as you hone your ability to focus. Why? To the service of learning to hone in on your craft, whatever it is. I am a writer, so my focus is writing. However this process works for artists, singers, musicians, dancers or anyone who desires to regroup and orient themselves more towards making creativity a priority in a world gone mad with distractions!

The Creativity Workshop. Writers & Other Creatives Welcome!

This was from the first Creativity Workshop back in November of 2018. The Schedule of Events for 2019 contains a more specific version: The Creativity Workshop Series for Fiction Writers, held on the 2nd Sat. of each month for four months on a different aspect of Craft each time. Jan/Feb/March/April