Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP    Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing

Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing


It all started in 1590...

Her forthcoming novel is set in a little town called North Berwick, Scotland, in the year 1590. Titled, The Witches of East Lothian, it explores how three women, just living the lives they were given, became targets for the strange human need to find scapegoats to appease the hysteria of religious fervor and economic insecurity...in much the same way our current era seems to be culminating in a similar atmosphere.  

Born in Berkley, California, raised in Rorschach, Switzerland, Gabrielle returned to the States to pursue a degree in French Literature from U.N.L.V. To make the culture shock even more pronounced, she gravitated towards the work she had been doing to put herself through school: body work specializing in enhancing the athletic performance of horse and rider teams in competition. During that time, she spent 10 years writing for national publications and smaller, more specialized publications including The Horse, Anvil Magazine, Iron Works Magazine, and two years crafting interviews about the nature of embodied learning for the Feldenkrais Guild® publication, Sensibility, to document the experiences of the first generation of practitioners who trained directly under Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She has also been a blogger specializing in writing about the Feldenkrais Method® with respect to it’s larger implications on the nature of reality, perception and identity.

It was not until the death of her 25 year old daughter that she jumped horses in mid stream, turning back to writing fiction, which she had enjoyed as a child, to find a way to make meaning for a new life turned unexpectedly in the direction of grappling with devastating personal loss. To provide a structure for that to happen, she went to Dublin, Barcelona and Vienna to complete a Pan-European Master of Fine Arts Degree in Fiction from Cedar Crest College. Again, the fascination with learning and teaching called her to find a way to delve deeper, which resulted in pursuing a graduate level Certification in Teaching Rhetoric and Composition from MNSU, Mankato. Having spent nine years living abroad as a child learning French and German, it seemed obvious that to pursue certification in teaching English as a Second Language would take advantage of her own experiences as a second language learner. She completed the TEFL Certification in October, 2016 and is currently working on a video project to complete her graduate coursework at MNSU. This consists of a curriculum design to make it easier for veterans to return to higher education after military service. Her joint focus on language arts, somatics and learning has drawn her to be interested in a very specialized area of academic writing: how critical thinking and resilience overlap. She writes fiction to make sense of experience, and for the fulfilment self-expression provides. She writes about the pedagogy of teaching writing and the craft of fiction to further her own understanding, and to continue to contribute to others in the same spirit of service that motivated her to work in the healing arts prior to her career as a writer.