Gabrielle Pullen

L.I.F.E. by Design
Spanning the Continuum
from desolation to devotion, from willfulness to right use of will,
from a complete loss of connection to a creative collaboration with the universe...

Communion is richer and more subtle when you engage in the full range from non-verbal communication to artistry with the
written word and the power of the spoken word.

To live by channeling the inner artist with words!
To thrive by nurturing inner wisdom with creativity!
Experiences & Revelations

Gabrielle Pullen, MFA

How Personal History Has Shaped My Life As A Writer

12 Step Immersion
A lifetime of group self-help and self-inquiry in the rooms of 12 Step programs that require a lifestyle change which puts conscious contact before ego-driven needs.
A Course in Miracles

Two years of daily in-depth spiritual practice with A Course In Miracles (ACIM), a self-study program to awaken consciousness of whether we are either coming from fear or love.

Dahan Institute of Massage Studies
Fell in love with deep tissue, myofascial release and became an anatomy nerd while certifying to provide income to put myself through college. Let the beautiful non-verbal communication of touch begin!
Undergraduate Degree
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
BA in French Language and Literature. The love of on French arose out of pushing against being required to learn German when we moved from the States to Switzerland while I was growing up.
Equissage Training with Mary Schreiber
One of the first available programs in massage for sports horses, as Mary says, "Horses have such huge hearts and huge energy fields. When you are massaging a horse, you feel that personally." Another profound experience of the power and importance of non-verbal communication.
The Landmark Forum
The Landmark Forum designed to spark positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life by way of looking more deeply at relationships and the difference you make.
Equine Myofascial Release Course 
Equine MFR was developed by the son of John Barnes, Dr. Mark Barnes, DPT. Learning to wait and sense the release of trauma in the fascia is a Zen experience, like doing Qigong with a horse. Sometimes it's a matter of rebalancing one-sided fitness training to augment alignment and overall wellness. 
Massageworks for Horse & Rider
This, my first business, allowed me the privilege of working with hundreds of horse and rider teams was one of the greatest unexpected gifts of beginning to live by choice, not by chance. I was able to design a lifestyle that kept me fit to ride my own horses and kept me healthy and required me to stay up-to-date on natural pathways to health.
Advanced Lanmark Training

Designed to facilitate the creation of a future of your own design, not limited by the past. Graduation day: the day of the first bifurcation from the old world - September 11, 2001 - Reality Shifting Experience.

Santa Barbara Feldenkrais® Training
Four year training program accredited by the North American Training and Accreditation Board (NATAB) and approved by the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America. (FGNA) to teach Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® lessons professionally. An amplification of sensory experience, augmenting the intelligence of the nervous system to evoke learning at many levels through somatic self-inquiry for improved lived experience. 
Pan-European MFA in Creative Writing
Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA. Emphasis Fiction, August 2015.
Creative Thesis: Historical Novel, “The Witches of East Lothian.” Post-protestant Reformation Scotland (1590): scapegoats, freedom, monarchy, division between science and objective realty. Critical Thesis: “A Creative Writing Pedagogy Based On Critical Thinking and Resilience.”
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Gabrielle Pullen, MFA
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What is a Black Swan?

A Black Swan is an Outlier - someone who bucks the expectation that suffering is eternal after loss. The only thing that is eternal is love. And those who have left you behind are still there, beyond the veil. And the truth is, you know they would never want you to continue to live in suffering. Enough is enough.


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